A friend of mine recently sent this to me. Coming back from H2Oi, we got break checked by some asshole and swerved into a ditch on the side of the road. As cliche as it sounds, my life flashed before me, and when we stopped. I opened my eyes and the ground was in my face and the car on two wheels. We managed to get help from a group of random people and finally pushed my friends FC back on the road. By far, the scariest moment of my life. Im thankful for his quick reaction. Otherwise, it could have been worse.



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Anime film shooter.


Nissan Stanza Turbo Super Silhouette



QLD Matsuri was epic.

Casey Dhnaram (shirtstuckedin) 3wheeling into the dipper. Was most entertaining to watch, N/A driving at it’s finest!

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TORIYAMA Akira (鳥山明 ), Dottor Slump & Arale / Dr. Slump / Dr. スランプ / ドクタースランプ

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I have a slight addiction. Picked up my first medium format camera, a 1980 M645 Mamiya with a waist level finder and the first T series Canon ever made, the T50. Also, managed to find a roll of Eastman Double-X B&W film.