My list of amazing things that happened at H20

  • Meeting so many people who I’ve only known through Tumblr and Instagram
  • Meeting up with canimuff at 4:00AM and getting the “VW rundown”.
  • Getting to shoot connorcroak ‘s car and chat it up a bit
  • Seeing demrimz for the very first time in person hanging out the window counting stacks of cash on the strip.
  •  All the beer I consumed 
  • Breaking my lens that I had just purchased a week before H20i and not getting mad all. “Because beer”. 
  • The massive penile erection that was had the entire time because of consistent exhaust notes. 

Just before I left OCMD, I spotted this from a distance outside the window of the hotel hallway. I ran downstairs to snap a photo and it was well worth it. Great job @mitch_shus

Being at H20 has been beyond memorable. One of the greatest events I have ever experienced. It was awesome meeting you guys @connorcroak @atkjordan @thefree_agent @canimuff @fahrvergnugen and everyone else. Until next year.

The best walk I’ve ever had to 711.

H20 is quite amazing.